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Hall of Fame Award

In 1999, The ABA established the Arkansas Bowhunters Hall of Fame to honor those persons who have made a difference in our sport. This is the highest honor the ABA can bestow upon anyone.

In March 2000, at the annul Banquet, the "Inaugural Class of 2000" was bestowed their due honor. They were Ben Pearson, Jack Witt, Roger Maynard, and Webster Meggs.

Future nominations for any potential recipient must be:

1. Received by the Friday before the Fall Shoot.
2. Nominations must include background information and a biography.
3. There will be a maximum of four inductees per year.
4. Does not mean there will be inductees each year. It only means there will be considerations. To preserve the           dignity of this high honor, it must be guarded and bestowed only when the individual is truly deserving and there       is a consensus among the ABA Executive Committee, Life Members, and 100% affiliated clubs. This is not to be     guarded as a popularity contest.
5. The Secretary will mail ballots along with the biography to each voting source.
6. Ballots must be backed to the Secretary by November 1.
7. Votes will be tallied and invitations will be mailed to each recipient to receive a plaque at the Spring Banquet.

To be selected to the ABA Hall of Fame:

1.Nominations must come from one of three different sources: 
1: Life Member
2: 100% Affiliated Club 
3: ABA Executive Committee
2. A nominee must receive 20% of the votes returned, if more than 4 nominees receive 20%, only the top four will         be inducted. (Maximum of four inductees per year)

3. If a nominee does not receive the required 20% of votes cast in one particular year, that individual can stay on         the nomination list for up to ten years.

Voting sources are allowed the following points:

100% Clubs - 15 points each
Life Members - 15 points each
Executive Committee - 25 points each member

Points may be split between nominees. (For example: if there are 3 nominees, you may cast 5 points for each, all 15 for only one, etc...)

Commemorative Plaque

A commemorative plaque that contains the names of the inductees will be hung in the AGFC Building in Mayflower. And a plaque will be presented to the inductee or their family at the spring banquet.

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