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The Arkansas Bowhunters Association (ABA) is a non-profit 501(c7) organization. It is the only statewide organization solely dedicated to bow hunting privileges. 

The purpose of the ABA is to unite the state’s bow hunters and archers to work toward a common goal of preserving, promoting and advancing the sport of bow hunting in Arkansas.
Along with preserving and promoting bow hunting, some of the ABA’s goals are:
1) Promoting International Bowhunter Education Program.
2) Working with the AGFC to help set rules and regulations that promote hunter's rights and promote wildlife management practices.
3) Help promote the Roger Maynard Scholarship to young archers entering college
4) Support archery clubs across the state helping to promote the sport of archery and bow hunting.

Why the ABA was formed.

The ABA was formed in 1959. It was founded for the following principals that are still the main focus for the organization today.
1. To foster, expand and perpetuate the use of the bow in the hunting of all legal game, birds and animals; and to protect, improve, and increase the privileges of bow and arrow hunters.
2. To cooperate with Federal and State Governments, sportsman and conservation organizations in the propagation and conservation of game and its natural habitat, the forest and fields.
3. To conduct a continuous educational program designed to acquaint the public with the bow and its uses as a practical and humane weapon, suitable under proper regulations for the hunting of all game animals, fish and birds on the American continent.
4. To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship among bow hunters.

What is the ABA doing today?
Today the ABA is involved in several activities to promote bow hunting and education across the state. Some of these areas are:
1. The ABA is proud to be able to provide the International Bowhunters Education Program course to any bow hunter in Arkansas. We have put together one of the best education programs for bow hunters. 
2. Providing support for several organizations like National Archery in Schools Program(NASP) to help get young archer involved in the sport of archery.
3. Working with the AGFC to provide one of the most successful urban hunts in the United States. 
4. Working with state agencies to insure that bow hunters in Arkansas enjoy liberal and long seasons.
5. Working with archery clubs to bring bow hunters and tournament shooters together to enjoy fellowship at the local shoots.
6. Provide scholarship opportunities to help with the rising cost of college for ABA members.
7. The ABA is a proud supporter of the Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry. Link to AHFH website

Recent blog posts

55 Year Membership Appreciation Sweepstakes

September 2014 marked the 55th year of the Arkansas Bowhunters Association. The first meeting was held on September 17th, 1959. Since then, the ABA has had several successful endeavors, working to change bow hunting laws, seasons extended, fought legislation to stop bow hunting, setting up education classes to better educate bow hunters, and many more. Bow hunters all over the state are enjoying the fruits of the association's efforts. 
The Executive Committee celebrated our 55 years of success and put together 3 prize packs that were given away to 3 lucky ABA members at the Fall Shoot Awards Ceremony on Sunday September 21st.

Prize Pack #1 - the “Ground Blind” pack. 

It contained an Big Game Ground Blind, a Bushnell Laser Range Finder with ARC, ABA T-shirt, ABA cap, and other ABA gear.


Prize Pack #2 - the “Ladder Stand” pack. 

It contained a Big Game 17’ Nexgen Stealth DX Ladder Stand, a pair of Nikon Monarch 8x42 Camo Binoculars, ABA T-shirt, ABA cap, and other ABA gear.


Prize Pack #3 - the “Lock-on” pack. 

        Winner - DEWAYNE MILLSAP
It contained a Big Game Prodigy Hang on, Garmin GPSMAP 62s GPS, ABA T-shirt, ABA cap, and other ABA gear.

Thanks again to all of our ABA membership. The ABA couldn't have made it 55 years without your support!!!

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